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The NRA requires the student class prior to instructor certification.

B.I.T. (Basic Instructor Training) is required prior to certification as an instructor. B.I.T. is all about teaching the NRA way. How to order NRA materials, when you can use the title "NRA Certified Instructor”, how to complete an NRA course report. Class runs 6-hours usually included in my NRA pistol instructor class.

March 12th, NRA Pistol - Student $99 (9-3pm), Vancovuer WA.

April 1st, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer $150 (9-5pm), Sherwood OR.

April 13th - 14th, NRA Pistol Instructor & B.I.T. (Basic Instructor Training) $250 (9-5pm), Shelton WA.

May 25th, NRA Rifle Student $99 (9-5pm), Vancouver WA.

May 26th, NRA Rifle Instructor $250 (9-5pm) Vancouver WA.