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Kennewick Semi-Automatic Rifle Class

September 19th, 6-9pm Ranch & Home: 845 N. Columbia Center Blvd, Kennewick.    

 Semi-Automatic (Assualt) Rifle Training Class

Cost $20 cash or check, Valid 5-years.

This is the required class by State of Washington

  • What is the new law?

    • 21-years old, to purchase a Semiautomatic rifle

    • 10-day waiting period.

    • Enhaced background check.

    • Training requirements:

      • Firearm Safety

      • Children & firearm safety

      • Firearm storage

      • Safe firearm handling

      • Suicide prevention

      • State of Washington & Federal laws.

  • State of Washington definition of 

    • Assalut Rifle 

    • Loaded Firearm

    • Prohibited person

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