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Vancouver Concealed Carry Class

July 15th,  6pm

Concealed Carry Class

Vancouver Trap Club:  11100 NE 76th Street

Signup Form include date & time.

Class runs 3-hours, payment is cash or check at the class, drivers license is all you need to bring.  Pre-class movie starts 1/2-hour prior to class, the new NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home video, not required just a great movie.

We will have signs out-front and in the lobby showing where the class is.

$45 Oregon-Only

$80 Multi-State Utah or Arizona (valid 35-States), includes Oregon as well.

Semi-Automatic (Assualt) Rifle Training Class

      Same Date, Seperate Class 

           3-5pm, Cost $50 cash or check, Valid 5-year.

               This is the required class by State of Washington.