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NRA Pistol Instructor


NRA Pistol Instructor Certification Class

June  11th, 3-8pm

June  12th, 9-5pm 

Clark Rifle Range

$250.  $50 Deposit to reserve


This is the NRA pistol instructor class. This is a fun class that will teach you the NRA way to instruct new shooter on pistol shooting, and safely handling pistols.

     NRA Pistol Instructor:  How to teach both the Instructor-led and blended pistol classes.

What to bring:  pistol you would use to train a new shooter. Indoor range, so a 22lr or any caliber, 200+ rounds of factory ammunition, eye & ear protection (electronic if you have), cleaning kit, 3-ring binder 2", laptop computer if you have one (NRA materials includes a PowerPoint).

The Prerequisite for NRA Pistol Instructor are:  Taking the basic pistol class as a student, taking the B.I.T. and taking the NRA pistol instructor class.  Demonstrating how to load & unload a single-action revolver / double-action revolver / and a semi-automatic pistol. How to clear a double-feed in a semi-automatic. Shooting requriement is firing 20-shots at 45-feet,  16 of 20-shots within 6" standing 2-hand.

NRA Pistol Student:  is available 6/11  $120.  This is a required class, to be able to take the instructor class.

B.I.T. (Basic Instructor Training) is available no-fee 6/11.  This is required class the have to take it class prior to obtaining NRA certification. This class is all about how to order NRA materials, how to complete an NRA course report, when can you use the title "NRA Certified Instructor".

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