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NRA Pistol Instructor


NRA Pistol Instructor Certification Class

April  9th-10th,  

Vancouver Rifle & Pistol Club

$250.  $50 Deposit to reserve


This is the NRA pistol instructor class, and includes the NRA B.I.T. (Basic Instructor Training) class. This is a fun class that will teach you the NRA way to instruct new shooter on pistol shooting, and safely handling pistols.

     NRA Basic Pistol Student class : With you being a student in a basic pistol class. This is a prerequisite for the NRA pistol instructor class, being offered April 9th 8am cost is $120.

     NRA B.I.T.  How to teach the NRA way, order materials, and fill out a course report. Included with the NRA pistol instructor no-fee.

     NRA Pistol Instructor:  How to teach both the Instructor-led and blended pistol classes.

What to bring:  pistol you would use to train a new shooter. Indoor range, so a 22lr or any caliber, 200+ rounds of factory ammunition, eye & ear protection (electronic if you have), cleaning kit, 3-ring binder 2", laptop computer if you have one (NRA materials includes a PowerPoint).

The Prerequisite for NRA Pistol Instructor are:  Taking the basic pistol class as a student, taking the B.I.T. and taking the NRA pistol instructor class.  Demonstrating how to load & unload a single-action revolver / double-action revolver / and a semi-automatic pistol. How to clear a double-feed in a semi-automatic. Shooting requriement is firing 20-shots at 45-feet,  16 of 20-shots within 6" standing 2-hand.

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